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Video clip recordings!

In preparation of "Breathe"
After a new name and a record deal, we also have a new guitarist! For a long time Michiel had to produce a wall of sound all on his own, but we found a new guitarist; Jacques Maas! We find a good chemistry between the band members very important, so we took our time to find someone who fits the band like a glove. Welcome, Jacques!

The last few months have been challenging, lots of descision making, planning, perfectioning our live sound, all in preparation of the release of our debut full-length "Breathe", which is scheduled in September 2011. Luckily, you don't have to wait that long to get a taste of it. June 17. we'll be playing a show with Ex Libris & Mindshade in the Little Devil, Tilburg. Be sure to check us out! If you can't make it, keep checking the showlist, more shows will be added along the way.

For now, we will be working on the release of a Single & Videoclip. We can't say a lot more about that, only that the title & release date will be announced soon on one of our social media. Want to be the first to know? Check the links on the top of this page and Add Us! We will be using these modern means more regularly as of now.

Only Fate Remains signs a record deal!

Trisomy changes name!

Trisomy hits the stage!

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