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1.Nightly Walks5:00
3.Shallow Water3:28
4.The Essence5:58
5.The Real You4:56
8.Heal Me4:19
Breathe is the long awaited OFR debut album, recorded in 2010 and released in 2011. The album is mixed and mastered by Jochem Jacobs at Split Second Sound Studios. The album is released by Ravenheart Music Records and distributed by Century Media, PlasticHead, Code7 and Sonic Cathedral.

The album is available for sale in Europe, USA and Canada through local stores. In addition, you can buy the album digitally through iTunes, Amazon and any other existing digital music stores.

Of course: check out the merchandise stand at our shows to buy your copy!

Listen to the preview of "Breathe"


1.The Real You4:56
2.The Real You (Radio Edit)3:52

In support of the BREATHE album, ONLY FATE REMAINS released the single THE REAL YOU. The release included a MUSIC VIDEO which was shot and produced by FRAMECAT in Belgium and The Netherlands.

1.Cravings (Acoustic)4:42
2.Cravings (Acoustic) [Radio Edit]3:45
3.Cravings [Original]4:08

The single "Cravings", an acoustic version of one of the songs on our debut album "Breathe", shows a different side of Only Fate Remains. This years' collaboration with The Rock Station (Sander Gommans), resulted in going back to the very core of making music. We decided to strip Cravings bare and let the song do its magic; judge for yourself!
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This is the storm that the Netherlands has long been waiting for, a force to be reckoned with and one to knock the Dutch Metal scene into full throttle, this of course is the Gothic Metal quintet Only Fate Remains and their absolutely outstanding and beautifully crafted debut album 'Breathe'.

With clear background symphonies and vocals in the style of Within Temptation, it seems to be that this Amsterdam five-piece have what it takes to dethrone Within Temptation cleanly. It has darkness, it has timed notes, it has erotic-covered atmosphere and a sense of being rooted in the rock sense with the Clan Of Xymox, none the less 'Breathe' is definitely Dutch Metal album of the year.

Unfortunately, we were not able to appropriately translate Hungarian into English. If you are more lucky then we are, please send us the translatation!Check out the link below for the full review.

As the rather stylish name suggests, Only Fate Remains come at things from a gothic female-fronted point of view, although differ from many of the genre by putting a rather progressive slant on things, meaning that songs often may not be quite as they seem at the start: one point of reference might be To-Mera.

As ever with such band, the spotlight is well and truly on the vocalist, and Eva Kokken is both a great singer and an interesting lyricist. With a fabulous voice and a seismic depth of emotion she sounds at times not unlike Stream Of Passionís Marcela Bovio, especially during the up-tempo ĎLostí. Elsewhere, van Veen shows himself to be no slouch ether, and comes up with some fluid solos across the album.

ĎBreatheí is blessed with a bright, punchy production, and hints at an exciting future for Only Fate Remains. This album is very good indeed: the next oneís going to be a real cracker. Trust me on this.
Imagine a cross between Evanescence and Lacuna Coil, and you'll be getting close. This is the band's first album, and it is a very impressive piece of work.

The band keep the arrangements interesting and aren't afraid to try something different, the middle section of "The Real You" being a good example. The band throw in light and shade, holding your attention till the end.

It's kind of a shame that Evanescence have just released a new album, as Only Fate Remains could have filled the void nicely. As it is, this is a very good album, a remarkable debut. If you like Evanescence, or maybe think they're a little light, then try Only Fate Remains.
With their debut album BREATHE, Only Fate Remains directly earned itself a spot in the upper echelons of the genre. With their firstborn, Only Fate Remains proves that the Dutch tradition of strong acts in this genre is far from exhausted.

The sound of the band has some similarities with other bands in the scene like Lacuna Coil and The Gathering. But above all, Only Fate Remains sounds like Only Fate Remains; they have their own sound. The nine songs on the album are very well written, considered per song as well as their cohesion on this album, and very catchy.

The album has a commercial potential, without compromising the character of the music. Fans of the genre have a new band to follow and watch closely!
This is the kick ass variety, done as only the Dutch can do it. OFR is pretty new, this CD is just going live, and it canít get there soon enough. We donít get that formal soprano we typically expect from the Dutch, we donít get the classical direction we get from an Ex Libris or some of the other more typical Dutch sounds. This is hard metal, with an exceptional female vocal and a backup metal band that tears down the doors, kicks the kids and demands ransom. Hide your money, take grandma home to a safer location, then turn up the stereo and prepare to be rocked.

This is Gothic metal to drive the mortal soul, itís what you want on that special occasion when you need to move at a higher rate of speed, and for that purpose, itís a 10. Solid metal, done Dutch style!

They have their own unique sound, a hybrid of powerful gothic metal and emotive alt-rock. The band's sound ebbs and flows from catchy rock to massive metal. Forty minutes flies by in a blink of an eye, helped along by the band's top notch production that is deep, rich and clear. It is all topped off by lovely Eva Kokken's terrific rock voice, she sings the songs straight but passionately, steering well clear of the alt-rock wailers.

Like Lacuna Coil they have that sound that is part European and part American so this should go down a storm on both sides of the pond, commercial and accessible for alt-rock/metal fans but also meaty and intelligent for lovers of gothic metal as well.

The only thing that remains for me to say is that this album has taken my breath away.

Only Fate Remains knows how to enchant the listener for every single song on the album with catchy vocals, heavy sound, tension and good lyrics. The entire album is very nice to listen to.

With this album, Only Fate Remains directly claims their place in the female fronted genre. Everything on this record works 100%: the vocals, instrumentals, mix and production. Eva's vocals are very powerful and perfectly fit the music which is dark, haunting, thrilling, new and very nice to listen to.

Fans of the genre should not miss out on this album; a must have!

Goosebumps guaranteed! Solid sounding songs alternating between heavy and more tranquil & emotional parts. With Eva Kokken, the band has a very strong vocalist. No angelic soprano but a powerful clear rock voice.

With Only Fate Remains, The Netherlands has a strong band in their midst, that might well be very successful abroad as well. Breathe is a strong and versatile album that holds its grip for the entire 40 minutes; a band you should definitely check out!

With so many bands using death growls, orchestras, choirs and operatic vocals to bring elements of excitement and theatre to their sound, I find it very refreshing and impressive that Only Fate Remains can create the same excitement using none of the above ingredients.

Itís quite remarkable how carefully each instrument is used to create the desired effect, bringing out each songís story to its maximum potential.

Only Fate Remains have created a fabulous treat of excellent melodic metal tunes with a very clean, uncluttered approach. Avoiding all the bombastic extras that so many bands are using helps to set this band apart, and the musicianship combined with Eva Kokkenís exceptional vocal abilities should help to put this album onto a lot of peopleís ďmust haveĒ lists